Sunday, March 7, 2010

Refreshing Sunday

Hello.  It has been a somewhat refreshing Sunday.  It didnt start well, though. Here is a funny story.  The girls got up extra early (which is not a problem) so I thought "what will I do for 3 1/2 hours before church"?  Ooh, you know, just take my time. I can honestly say I do not know where the time went.  Breakfast came and went, and suddently it was time to make the quiche that was going to be put into the oven for lunch (after church). Our plan was to make it ahead of time, set our oven to delay, and it will bake an hour before we are to come home.  9:00 came and we could not find the manual to figure out how to set the delay feature. Honestly, it shouldnt be that tough, but a dummy assigned this feature.  I looked a long time on the internet for a printable version of our instruction manual and there is none to be found!  At this point naps should be taken for the littlest of our family and she was a no-go, so I told Peter we would have to have something else for dinner and tried to get ready.  So, a mere 3 hours to get ready for church and I have 30 minutes to shower, get ready, get the girls dressed and pack for church.  The last 10 minutes peter finally figured it out, and said that he cannot find the eggs.  You see, we had just purchased them on our trip to G.F. just the night before... the girl who helped us did not give us our bag!    It was a dissapointment but once we got to church everything went well again.  We had been excited for church for a whole week, and it just goes to show Satan does not want us to find joy in going to church, but he did not ruin our day!!

I just finished ordering the invitation tools I will be using to make Madelyns Birthday invitations. I am excited and hope they turn out. I went to Michaels last night and found some cute things, but when I got home to try them, they didnt look so cute.  So i am starting over. I found a really cool design, and tried to create it myself with my own tools, but with no luck.  So, I decided to buy the exact tools she used and see how it goes.  I am really hoping they turn out.  It is a really fun project for me and I am excited to get started. Not only can I use the tools for this certain invitation, they will be a great addition to my card making supplies.  Better go, I hear a little one waking up from a long nap.

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