Friday, March 12, 2010

Mish Mash of things

Lots of pictures to post. Here are the Easter dresses I bought for the kids. I love them! I couldnt get one of Kate really, she was running around.

The girls have had quite the interest in playing upstairs. I am currently busy cleaning up there.... throwing away old and broken toys, ripped books, and all junk that I have accumulated over the years. It is still a mess up there, but it will get better hopefully sooner than later.  I am working on revamping my scrapbooking room and will take pictures soon. Here are pictures of Kate's new fun activity: sliding down the stairs (supervised of course)

and maddy loves to climb everything..

Since we do make a lot of home-made things.. kate has had an interest in helping mix (her favorite book is "Froggy Bakes a Cake"-- she can say all pages by memory! We've been experimenting with pizzas lately. I found this really good dough recipe and thought we'd try new toppings as well. One is bbq chicken (really good!) Egg and Bacon (ok) and Brie, apple, and canadian bacon. The other two are just pepperoni and Hawaiian.

And my personal favorite, supreme with broccoli!!! Even peter liked it! This is just on a peice of french bread though.

The last 3 are just some other sweet pictures.  Til later! PS  I will probably be making a short post in the next day or two but I have to take the pictures first. 


  1. Kristen
    I bought Kadence the same dress! I bought Landon the sweater vest that matched the dress. The only thing is I bought the white sweater instead. Love the dress so much!!

  2. cute, amanda. Between Kate's old dresses and Maddy's new ones, she has too many cute dresses to wear. Too bad peter prefers both of them in sweats.