Sunday, August 12, 2012

my kate

This week I feel was big in many ways.  The first thing that made it big was that I finally have felt like I am slowly getting back to how things used to be {before Ella}.  Obviously there are bad days but for the most part, I am getting there.
  •  I took my first walk with Kate & Maddy last Wednesday (alone) and they enjoyed that very much. I used to go for walks every single day last year.  
  • We've taken walks as a family and Ella has actually enjoyed them. 
  • We got Maddy a bike finally and she is REALLY enjoying it! :)   
  • I'm still tired when I wake up during the night, but I wake up now my last time at 7am, so that has really helped with energy levels.
  • My house is still very messy but I am learning to do what I can and just accept it. On Saturday I deep cleaned Kate & Maddy's room and that made me feel really good! 
  • We started another "praise journal" - I used to write about complaints - which for me that also helped get it out of my mind and I feel like I could let that go to God, but for now I am wanting to just be more joyful.  As a family, we think of several things throughout the day to be thankful for, and then we write them down. I obviously have to ask Kate & Maddy & write for them, but the hope is that we can learn to complain less and be thankful more. It is good to praise the Lord ... For you make me glad by your deeds, O Lord; I sing for joy at the works of your hands." Psalm 92:1a-4
Today at lunch, out of nowhere, Kate said "Does everyone have Jesus in their heart?"   I replied by saying that not everyone does, but the ones who do make the decision to love jesus, have jesus in their heart.  She giggled a little, and then I said "do you have jesus in your heart?" and she giggled some more and said yes, and then i asked her if she's ever asked jesus to be in her heart, and if not, would she like to?

It was the kind of situation I've thought about a lot in the 5 years of her life. I was careful never to just go out and ask her to accept Jesus, but to let her explore herself, ask questions, and want to herself. Of course this sprung from talking about Him in our home but I wanted this moment to be when SHE wanted to, not our idea, and she's been asking lots of questions lately!  I told her that her daddy would help her if she wanted, so he brought her to her room and prayed.   My little Kate.

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