Tuesday, August 7, 2012

answered prayers

Mondays are always the busiest for me.  It's the day I do the most laundry, the most cleaning, and it's the most tired-est of the week. It's usually a day spent cleaning up after the busy weekend. It was a weekend where we were all home!  I was so thankful. Saturday we spent the latter half of the day grocery shopping, which I am also thankful we were able to do since I felt we were out of mostly everything we needed!  and Sunday was just a really nice day.  We had a great day at church, reminded of all the great things that happened this week from prayers that were answered.  But we also all took a short nap, ate a nice supper, and enjoyed watching the Olympics. 

Tonight as I reflected on the past week, my heart began to fill with such gladness. I opened up my bible, ready to read praises to our God, when i opened up Psalm 108. It says: "My heart is steadfast, O God. I will sing and make music with all my soul."

How perfect. I felt truly thankful and praised God with all my heart. I began writing down in my prayer journal the prayers that got answered and the ones I had for this week.  Then I began to write down what I could do that could be serving to others.  Tomorrow I am bringing a meal to a family who needs it and that also brings me much joy. It is great that when you have a goal to be intentional about things, God just gives you opportunities to be useful in.   What a blessed life.

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