Thursday, April 19, 2012

much better

Last night I thought I was going to be in labor!  It was so fun to think about and when the contractions were still coming even though I was moving around and doing different things, I began to excitedly clean the house and get other things ready.   I was folding clothes when I got my last consistent contraction for the night.  That was such a bummer.  I had been real crabby to the kids though - unbelievably crabby and so when I woke up the next morning I was sort of relieved I didn't have the baby because I got to spend more time with them (but still disappointed).  I hate the way I act these days hence why I am so anxious to deliver.  I sent Kate off to school and Maddy was happy to see me when she woke up. It was so sweet, when I walked into her room she was climbing the stairs of kate's bed to see if kate was there. When she realized Kate was already off to school she had a huge lip and tears in her eyes. She held me really tight and I just loved and needed that.  Even though they fight they are such good friends.

Today while i was outside with the kids for a short time, the sun felt so good on my skin. I made a turkey on the grill and Peter said it was one of the best turkeys he's had. I love watching him eat because food means so much to him. I suppose that is why serving him by making food is one of his love languages. Then I went to a friends baby shower and the girls had lots of fun there. Kate got to see her teachers and some classmates and I got to talk with others too, who were all wondering when I was due. A much better day than yesterday and I am really thankful for that! I even caught maddy singing "Jesus Reigns" from the song "We Exalt Your Name" by Kari Jobe.   Still praying that baby makes his or her appearance before the induction date. Off to bed!

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