Monday, February 6, 2012

another weekend

another weekend gone by! We had a good day at church - my Sunday school class was plump full and church was really good too. Our plan is to go to Bismark this weekend to visit Kelsey. Kate is experiencing an upset tummy i had to cancel her dentist appointment. I am really not sure what it is with the flu or bad weather landing on the days we all have appointments but it really seems to be doing that a lot lately. I am a bit sad actually even though it would have been tough with both the kids and my sore back with lifting and all, but it is probably for the best. I just had a couple things i was planning to get but they can wait. Peter has meetings again today so he plans to pick up some of the groceries we needed. I am hoping to make it to a chiropractor appointment this week because it's been really hard to move around lately. I'm also experiencing more braxton hicks contractions. I feel like i am at least 8 months pregnant already! It can't come soon enough.

Things with the kitchen are looking up. Hopefully our kitchen planner is still able to come tomorrow for final measurements and then we will submit the kitchen to see how long it will take to get everything back. I'm still looking for shelving that would be less expensive but still want it to look really nice... it's so hard!  The picture to the right is what i'm looking for, only it costs so much for it to be "custom made" - i just want to find somewhere that has this. Help!  We're working on pendant lighting, stools, counter-top color, drawer organizations, paint color... carpet for the living room-- all these things we have to figure out within a month. Plus, I am really wanting to get things organized... it's going to be such a big and messy project. I hope I can handle it.

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