Sunday, February 19, 2012

looking ahead

It has been quite some time since I last wrote! I sometimes think to write, but then get too lazy, if that is even possible. This week I went 9 days without posting any 365 photos.  The last couple weeks have been pretty productive. Slowly we are getting a few things organized in the house-- the bunk beds have been up for a little while and this last week they both started sleeping in them finally. The first night was a little rocky because Maddy kept giggling, but since I threatened to bring her back into her bed I haven't heard any peeps the rest of the nights.  I organized our linen/medicine closet in the hallway.... oh my- I threw out almost a whole garbage bag of old medicines and body sprays/lotions, etc. I usually clean it out twice a year and I still had that much stuff. This year though, i've noticed my attitude with throwing out has changed a lot. Before I would think, "oh, I'll probably use this for.......(fill in the blank)" -- I know better this time.  Bags, and bags, and bags of stuff have been thrown out, including clothes that I normally wouldn't give away were sent to a thrift store and I even sold some of the girls' clothes since most is in excellent condition.

Other things done:  I cleaned out the "yellow" room to make room for kate's old mattress, well not old, we just got it a couple years ago, but now it is being used in another guest bedroom. I cleaned out all the papers and old junk in that room, cleaned out most of the toys, threw out lots and lots of junk, and even cleaned out my sewing/craft area.  Peter finally got the kitchen closet cleaned out and added two more shelves and now we are able to store some of our food/canned goods (use as a pantry) for when the kitchen remodel takes place. We're really trying to be efficient during this time and I have been searching for some frozen slow cooker meals I can put together within the next two weeks to be ready for when we don't have a sink. We still have many things to order, such as our table, faucet, sink, -- mostly everything and we're just not sure when to get all this stuff.  I think the faucet and sink need to be asap, but the table is rather large and Peter is worried that another sale would come up between now and when we need it. Production time is March 16th, which means we're hoping to have them deliver and install the week after and to be safe, for sure around the 23rd (but they can't guarantee the Monday after the 16th, --we're crossing our fingers!)   We are unsure when to start tearing out sofitting,  electrician work, contractor work, and flooring work.  We are also due to replace our living room carpeting due to water damage and ceiling work as well.... so, so much going on. It hasn't hit us quite yet but with all the work in the kitchen going on, it's not like I will be able to be in there making food.... so I will have to have a definite EASY meal plan for several weeks while work is being done. Awkward.

I've also been looking at some photos of myself during the summer, back when I weighed the least in my life since like, 9th grade.  It makes me really sad that I will have to start all over after the baby is born, and who knows how much energy and time I will have. The energy part is what I am hopeful for because I have the motivation... just not the energy. Baby has been terribly active, especially at night and seems to HATE when I lie on my left side! It is so weird, it goes nuts! As soon as March hits, i am hopeful it will go really fast, especially with all the stuff going on in the house! This week, Kate is going to the dentist for fillings (again, poor girl) we are now up to 3 times a day brushing and rinsing for both kids, we'll see if this helps.  Maddy has a concerning mole on her cheek that they (derm specialists we went to) advised us to get removed and do a biopsy on the mole to make sure it's okay.  Scary stuff, but that just adds to this overwhelming March month.   Off to bed I think!

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