Thursday, February 11, 2010

I have some time

I have some time to post, again.  This morning I was soo busy. I made cookie dough for some sugar cookie cutouts I plan to do this afternoon, I made pancakes and bacon for dinner, and i threw in a swiss steak in the crockpot for supper tonight. Oh, i wish I could have just thrown it in...but if you've ever made swiss steak, you would know it takes a bit more work than that.  I had to flour,salt and pepper it, then hammer it down (with a meat tenderizer :) ) then cut it up, then brown it, then slice up green peppers and onion, then saute those with the stewed tomatoes.... PLUS i was making lunch at the same time, and then Maddy woke up from her nap! so it was chaos in my kitchen for a while, plus I burned 3 peices of bacon too, so I am sure that smelled real nice.   Anyway, i am taking a well deserved break or I will lose my mind. Here are some pictures I have taken sometime this week, probably a few days ago... I'm not sure.

We invited a few couples over for the's a couple pictures from that.

Unfortunately Kate will just always have more pictures than Madelyn. Right now for sure Maddy is just always on the move, so I cant seem to get a good profile picture of her. I am so thankful I got her 9 month pictures done!! I can't wait until it's nice out.... and am excited to see how my camera will perform outdoors. I will just say that taking pictures has gotten really expensive.... but it's worth it!!!

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