Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Today is bittersweet. As of right now i've gone almost 36 hours without pumping. So, I am officially done.  It is bittersweet (mostly bitter) because I am still not 100% ready to let it go. But, I dont really see a point to it. It started to become painful to pump and I was slowly producing less and less. I was getting 2 bottles a day, to hardly 4 oz. a day. Now, I had gone 20 hours and got 2 ounces. I dont know what i'd get if i tried now. All day I have been thinking.."should I pump?"--then i'd talk myself out of it, and then talk myself into it... etc. I just want to close the door on this sweet chapter of my life.  In a few days, hopefully I will feel better. It is hard because I know i could have done it longer...It was just getting to be too painful. I cringed every time I had to do it. So anyway, I made it to my goal of 10 months. I am so proud of myself because I thought i was going to be done at 8 months...and i stuck with it for 2 more months. I have two bottles left to give her, and then she'll have to be strictly on formula.

This week seems full. Every day there's something going on. Thursday peter curls, friday is our date night, saturday we have my nephews birthday party in TR, and sunday is Valentines Day!  I better get to bed though soon because Maddy was up at 6:30 this morning, and I am not used to that. Plus, Kate hasnt been napping this last week. Maybe she did on Monday, but really, who is counting.  I am going to try again with potty training. If anyone has ideas....... please........i will try anything.  She screams if i show her underwear. Help!
ooh, also I have been working a little more on my quilt for Kate. I got all the cutting done and now it will be strictly sewing. I will try to bring my camera in when I start sewing to have some pictures taken. I am going to the community center to sew.  I wish i could go more, but obviously i have to wait for peter to be home from work or when he has a day off.  So anyway, i have more pictures of course but it will have to wait.

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