Sunday, February 21, 2010

Full Week Ahead

Today we went to church in Kennedy.  It was weird to me to leave at 10:15. I was up at 7, so it was a long wait. We got home at 1:30! It helped to know some people there, a couple families from Stephen actually, and a family that has a son who roomed with Peter in college. It was nice.  I really felt relieved going there. We're in the process of searching for a new church, and I definetly want to go back. Although the time really stinks,(10:45 is the start-time) I am willing to deal with it if it means going to a church that I am excited to go to. Maddy even stayed in the nursery for a little while!! It was funny because I guess some other little baby had a melt down, and when Maddy saw him/her cry, she lost it too. So i hear this little baby crying as they are bringing her down the stairs, and immediatly I know it's my sad, scared baby.  I guess, also, there were a few younger families that did not attend so it will be nice to see people our age.  I am just so excited to go back!! 

The pastor there went to Haiti and just got back not too long ago. I talked to him a little bit about that and it is just not a coincidence at all that he was at the same village I am promoting and buying supplies for. Neat huh?  I just see God working in every situation and He has consumed my thoughts about Haiti for several days now. It is a nice feeling to see God really talking to me about this. I am wanting to serve in any way I can.  If you are looking for ways to serve, please go to the link I shared in the post below. She's got set up a wishlist at, and then you can purchase and have it shipped to this place that will be providing free of cost, an airplane to ship all these goods. Otherwise, contact me, i can give you more addresses and numbers.

Since we got home from church late, naps got delayed too. Kate got up not too long ago and Maddy just went down about an hour ago. So Peter took kate sledding and I am inside resting. I should have napped a bit... but I was too excited about this Haiti stuff. Yesterday Peter went ice fishing with my dad, nephew and father in law. So i was alone yesterday and managed to take a short nap AND bring both sledding! Here are some pictures:

This week : Monday - bible study, Tuesday, Peters bible study, Wednesday, Cherylls (motherinlaw) birthday, Thursday, Peters curling, Friday- Monday we are going to Bemidji. = FULL WEEK!


  1. glad you've found a church you like! if i learned anything from my years of church hopping, it's that if you find a church that's a good fit where God is working, it's definitely worth making sacrifices for. continue to keep being faithful to God about Haiti; he will use you to help others!

  2. Thank you Caroline. Haiti means a lot to me right now. I am thankful that you are supportive of what I'm doing. See you this weekend!