Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Oh dear. It's been a long time since I last wrote.  We had a nice Christmas... it was a nice long break and I was encouraged to take a couple weeks off of homeschooling. So, I did.  I didn't even feel guilty.  It's been sort of hard to get back into the swing of things... this week was our first "full" week in quite a while. I ended up doing a few days last week so technically I didn't take two weeks off, but that's okay. It was still a nice break.

The days are still packed with things to do. I am so thankful we don't have ballet right now.  There are basketball games, meetings that Peter goes to (that we tag along, too) home school group meetings, MOPS that we are starting to go to, appointments, play dates..... and daily chores. I've been working out, too now, the past couple months. It feels great and I think it helps my mood tremendously. It has helped my self esteem too. I still have a long time before I fit into pre-pregnancy clothes, but I am hoping to get there soon.

I am really trying to, as well, stay organized. Or, ........ I guess the first step is to organize, and THEN stay organized. Soon I am planning to tackle the toys upstairs. I need to purchase a bunch of bins or something and throw out a bunch of things. I just need to simplify and pick up after myself right away. I've learned this to be true: A load of laundry a day, keeps chaos away!

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