Thursday, January 17, 2013


I'm really enjoying my new pumping schedule. I have taken out my 10:30 a.m. pump and am going 4 or so hours in the morning. Oh dear friends.... that has given me so much more time! Even though it only is 30 minutes more of free time, I no longer have to quit activities because they might interfere with pumping (then I end up wasting time actually because we'll quit early with something and do pointless things, like check facebook) Now we can keep going and I can start lunch in the kitchen while she's doing her phonics or her math.  It is truly great. I do, though, have a shadow behind me of guilt because I've somehow lost an oz a day or so by doing this. I don't know how, but - I've always known my supply was so very touchy. I get really disappointed when I've pumped a 1/2 oz less - it's so discouraging.  I am so excited to be done yet I think it will be very hard to be done with such a routine that I've had for 8+ months!  Right now it's just a part of life, so it's not hard to me anymore. I just do it. Life would be a lot easier, though, if I were done.  I am praying for peace and not to feel guilty for allowing myself more time in the morning.

I get up around 6, pump, and try to go to the fitness center, but sometimes Ella will wake up and then I don't get to, but either way, I will make oatmeal, read my devotions/bible and shower. Then i pump again around 8:15 and set up breakfast for the kids. Sometimes they will eat with me in the living room with their fun little tray or they will finish eating in the kitchen while Peter is getting his coffee. While I finish pumping, they get dressed, make their bed, and then I will come behind them and actually have time to make mine! AND brush MY teeth (along with theirs)!!!!! 1000 gifts. 

We then start school. Ella's schedule is different every day - depending if she wakes in the night to be fed. If she does, then she sleeps longer. If she doesn't, then she is up and ready for a nap by 8 or 9. This is the sweet time of day- when I can be with my two girls on the couch, reading their devotions, teaching them about God, and reading other school books full of information for their little minds. Yesterday they learned that hens eat insects, giraffes eye lashes are long b/c of dust storms, and that manure can be spread on fields to help fertilize.  That has been a blessing.

This week has been FULL of great meals!! Peter has been swooning and I have been organized and happy in this department. I even had time to make a meal for a friend who came over to visit. She brought it home with her. I had cookies, biscotti, a crock pot meal, and two hot dishes made yesterday-- all because I got up early and prepped. And I meal-planned. 

I just wanted to share with you those exciting things this week. I've also been learning new things spiritually that I hope to share soon too.  I want to also do a post on products that have made life fun and easier.  I'd love to learn some of yours, too.   Off to make my bed!

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