Tuesday, December 6, 2011

its a..........

No, we didn't find out, but everything with baby turned out good today. I went into the ultrasound room preparing myself for something wrong with the heart, lungs, etc.  They did actually look at the heart for quite a while, trying to take pictures, but turns out baby was just in a bad position. The ultrasound took a whole hour and then another 45 minutes just to see Dr. Brown. We quickly ate and I stopped at Joannes for 10 minutes and went home. Before that, though,  my good friend Melissa had her baby a few weeks early (in the wrong town!) and so she asked me if I could take some photos of little Silas. It worked out perfectly because my appointment wasn't until 10am and we got there around 9:05. It wasn't the ideal amount of time at all-- in fact I know I could have gotten a bunch of different shots but I captured what she wanted and went on my way. I even got some of big sis and little brother. Aw, a combo I would love some day.  (heart)

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