Monday, December 19, 2011

building up the church

 I can tell this week that the baby is really growing. I have been more tired than normal and still experiencing quite a lot of kicks....mostly lower which tells me baby is still breech.  I just don't know what to expect! I am a little worried that I'll have to deliver via C-Section but if that's what's best, I've got to be trusting. Plus, not everything is going to go my way.  Monday afternoon we went to make homemade root beer. I didn't really help; just went along for support and a photo op.  Tuesday night we went to a basketball game, which doesn't happen too often.

Wednesday I hosted my Girls Night Out group. I can admit that I was not excited for all the work of hosting so I tried to downplay a lot of things.... I didn't care as much about housework, but enough to show that it can be neat... I made food that was incredibly easy. I opted to buy bread instead of make it.... that saved loads of time and energy washing dishes, and I even took a nap that day, which I wouldn't ever dream of doing. Even Peter noticed my lack of motivation and energy... I didn't even get the Netflix movie sent out--at all this week. All I had to do was throw it in our mail box. I didn't even have to put on a stamp!  Or better yet... I could have handed it to Peter to bring to the mailbox. Ha. Anyway, I was beyond blessed after I had been griping to God and to Peter about being hospitable and how it was just another thing to have to do this week (because I was so physically drained).  I had tons of fun.  We had lots of things to talk about, it was so nice to just catch up with everyone, and when I went to serve dessert and clear plates, they said "We're doing dishes for you this year". And that was that. I nearly choked. I sputtered in disbelief, literately.   It just really showed me how much God blesses us when we do what He asks of us. Not a coincident, Nancy Leigh DeMoss was talking about our role in hospitality pretty much the whole week. I got to listen to some of it but not as much as I would have liked to, Again, it made me ashamed of my griping.  I got to share the devotion that Peter and I are going through each night (Night Light, by James Dobson) and a few asked to see the book. I also started a home journal within the last year, and though it is NOT intended for compliment ( just a record for events or guests that walk through the door) I was overwhelmed with nice notes everyone had written. There was especially one who had written about the devotion I had talked about and how she'd love to grow closer to God with her husband.  Like I said... a blessing.

Then today we went to my nieces 13rh birthday party at the bowling alley.  It is really a good chance to be able to see my brother who just lives in TR. We especially don't make the time to go and see them and I wish we did more of that. They visit a lot more than we do. Anyway, so we went to church in TR too, and I took these pictures. Every single time I go there I am moved to the point of almost weeping tears of joy. The music is so powerful and I just enjoy everyone's heart for Christ. I am glad I can attend two very challenging churches, meaning they give examples of how you can apply the message to your life, which is key! Epiphany Station on facebook.

Anyway, baby was kicking up a storm before bed so I couldn't quite fall asleep. Plus, every time I've had kind of a "oooh....." moment with God, I feel like he nudges me to blog about it.  My ooh moment today was being challenged in church. Pastor Jeff talked about practical ways we GIVE. Tis the season..... but most of us think of what material gifts we can give. And just because we have a giving heart to bless others, which God loves, he also loves when we can give in ways that build up people. Spending less on things we might not need (like 20 gifts for the kids who already have bins and bins of toys) but maybe giving a gift to someone who needs it.  Anyway, my drawback in sharing of course is my fear that people might be annoyed of boasting or thinking I am trying to build up or glorify myself. Wrong! I was encouraged by tonight's reading (which i re-read 1 Corinthians 13-15) and it just talked about building up the church. Building up the church. The church is us.

On the other hand, the one who prophesies speaks to people for their upbuilding and encouragement and consolation. 14: 3

I think it might have been the commentary I read but basically it said if we do not share, we cannot challenge or encourage other believers. So, I hope you feel challenged, too, to do random acts of kindness, with Jesus in mind. This isn't much but even today when I was standing in line, I challenged myself to just do something nice for someone... who could I help? so I let this man go ahead of me in line, and I did it with such joy in my heart. It just felt so good. And honestly, he was shocked. Isn't that sad? We need to do more nice things.  My goal this week? One act of kindness per day for 5 days. I've already got a whole page of ideas!

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