Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Right now I am feeling like I have the motivation to get the house nice. Sometimes something just comes over me, and I think it was our day shopping trip yesterday. I got to go into the antique mall and look at all their pretty presentations and furniture. Everything is always so beautifully set up. After literally all day shopping, my hips and feet killed so needless to say I was really tired and feel like I rested well last night. Today, clothes are on the agenda, sheets, and of course putting all the gifts away in their proper spots. Maybe even cleaning out some toys that are unnecessary.  Santa gave me a bunch of kitchen accessories, like metal spatulas, whisks, silicon spatulas, and when I went shopping yesterday I got some hand towels half priced. I am getting extremely giddy about our possible kitchen redo. Although it is just merely "talk" for now, I am feeling horribly selfish and wanting it asap! We are waiting on bids from contractors and the biggest question is the upcoming year of farming. I felt like God has given us both peace for a kitchen redo-, at least sometime, and if it's not within this year or two, at least we can plan exactly what we want and save if needed. (But I want it soon!)

For my birthday we don't have anything planned because my nephew as a tournament and I don't really want to go shopping again, so I'm not sure what we'll do. My dream birthday would be a clean house and be able to work on some quilting projects or things that I don't normally take time to do. I also requested spaghetti and garlic toast for supper so I am excited about that! Lots of work ahead of me and would like to do some crafts with the kids... so better go!

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