Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today has been a really good morning so far... and it's only 8:15. Peter woke me up because he had to get up for work and I've been really tired lately, so i was so happy he woke me up. Then we both got out of bed and as I went to the couch to start reading my bible, he plopped down beside me with his. I was thrilled. We both read our devotions and I went for a quick jog around south Stephen - though I think next time I might eat a little something before I go because I always get hungry and have side aches which prevent me from running the full 15-20 minutes I have.  It has been really interesting to me to see how God has transformed my 'motives' from getting up to basically exercise (though I would read first.... my motive for getting up was for sure so I could exercise)  and then when the kids would wake up pretty much right as I was getting done with  my devotions, I never did get to exercise. But, I would still get up... my thoughts are, if i have time to exercise, I will, but I for sure want to get up to read.  I probably never would have had the motivation to get up to read if it had not been for my determination to exercise, though it was a wrong motive to get up early. I should have been wanting to get up to read my bible, not to exercise. If that makes sense. ah!

Anyway, it is a beautiful day out today, yesterday I got to clean the house in the morning while peter was home (we both kind of took turns) and we had a good family night last night, just trying to be together, spending time together. I said to peter, can you give baths so I can clean up the kitchen? and he said, 'lets both give baths... i want to spend time together'. his attitude the whole night was that, they are so young... we have to enjoy them. Then he asked if he could put them to bed... maddy cried when I wasn't going to read to her, so as a family we piled into kate's bed and all read a book.  I also felt really good yesterday because during nap time i got to edit some photos and then lift some weights (tone) and i felt like i got a really good workout. I was sweating, and today my muscles hurt. I just feel good.  The last few days (like sunday, monday, & tuesday) I really haven't been eating the best. Just the mentality that I don't have to be so strict, etc.  I am not saying that I should lose more weight, but I want to keep up  my healthy eating for the most part and toning. Anyway.

Today as I read through 1 Peter, I underlined lots of things, but these verses stuck out to me: "Therefore, be clear minded and self controlled so that you can pray."   then, "Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling"... recently I declined a playdate at my house because I was overwhelmed with housework.  I feel like god was telling me that I shouldn't have done that!!  Well i better go, it's time to play.

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