Saturday, April 16, 2011

this week

It feels like it's been a while since I last wrote in here. We got through another week... a fairly fun week. Monday we spent a lot of time outside; Tuesday we were in Grand Forks all day and then outside the rest of the time. Peter took the kids to ECFE and i stayed home to catch up on some much needed cleaning and then took a 20 minute jog, in which I ran the whole 19 or so minutes!! I stopped twice to walk and it was only about 20-30 second rest each time. I was so pumped. Friday we were back in Grand Forks for the circus... which was fun but miserable because of the weather! I am sooo sad that it snowed! We got Kate (poor kate) her first bike with training wheels. She was long due for one, and we finally got one. That's all she could talk about the whole way home on Tuesday, but as soon as we got home, we went for a walk/bike ride and she did good! I wish that I hadn't been along with the kids though because I wanted to look at Target too for a bike. I went to Scheels and Walmart and ended up getting one at Walmart.

Our good friends from church asked if they could take the girls for the day so they were gone today. We ended up cleaning the church and Peter had band practice. Our afternoon consisted of me trying to put a dent in my unedited photos from Confirmation Sunday last week and cleaning up the kitchen a bit which Peter helped with, and then I worked out. I tried to go for a run but it was just way too windy and cold. Our friends also invited us out to dinner so that was a real treat too! Right now I have banana bread in the oven for church tomorrow and I just got done making mini muffins.  I am trying a new banana bread recipe so I am hoping it turns out.  Honestly I spent a lot of the time licking spoons and trying to resist the sweet batter but no such luck. There went my workout!   I plan to try to clean up the rest of the house so that tomorrow I won't be looking around the house in disbelief and crabbiness... it always makes me feel a little bit better knowing my house isn't a pit when we come home from church.

Peter starts his detox diet this upcoming week so I am needing to write down recipes and really plan for that so I can prepare meals for him along with meals for us. I think it will be hard on both of us but I really want to try to do my best so that it isn't harder than it needs to be. I think it could get hard if he came home from work and then had to figure out what to eat... when he really can't have very much. No sugar, dairy, grains, -pretty much just fruit, vegetables, and meat. Anyway, i better go so I can get to bed early.  Here are some photos from my 365's this week::

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