Thursday, March 17, 2011

march madness

it's that time of year again for this house... basketball will be on every weekend non-stop. I am sort of glad that we are going away this weekend.... we won't have to watch a ton of it. I doubt that peter would allow the tv to be on all day during a Sarah Richardson marathon on HGTV. :)

We had a pretty productive day today.... the kids had a playdate with some friends at our house and then I worked out like a maniac this afternoon.  Well, probably not a maniac but I did work out hard... I did the elliptical for 20 minutes doing intervals of really fast and fast... no resting, and then i came downstairs and did workout II in Jillians 30 Day Shred. I was definitely tired! Maddy woke up with about 10 minutes left, so I went and got her and she played with blocks while i finished. The girls and I made cookies this afternoon and they were of course excited to eat some dough, and then i quickly tried to put together a muffin mix. Peter baked the cookies while I gave the kids a bath and then while he put them to bed I tried to do a banana-oat cookie, which failed. I took out most of the shortening it called for and put applesauce instead.... so just in case you were going to try that... don't :)

I am trying really hard to not eat any of those cookies... it's a good thing I can't smell. I did try the banana-oatmeal cookie and it really was good, it just doesn't look like a cookie. It looks like a browned, round piece of dough.  Anyway, right now I am going to read through James and hopefully my Beth Moore bible study, which means I have about an hour of that to do and it's already 9... so I better go. I am hoping for a good weekend in Bemidji... if you think of it, pray that we do not get sick.  I am still a little worried about it... not just the flu, but strep-throat too. 

just an update on Jaco, from a fwd. email:

Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayer for Jaco (my cousin)!!!!

Our Father has shown once again that He is God of the impossible, we are just humble infront of Him for His goodness and mercy. Jaco is still alive!

He was transferred to another hospital after a week and the doctors there said that he shouldn't have lived longer than a couple of hours after the incident. His lung capacity and function was 0% for 7 days! He stopped breathing just after it happened. So he has been connected to a ventilator but as of today his lungs and all other organs are doing much better! We prayed so much for his lungs and God really stepped in and healed it.

During the last couple of days the doctors were very concerned about his skin since it is 3rd degree burns and 90% of his body. They said medically there isn't any hope. Many risks involved such as infection. YET again, God moved and Jaco was stable enough to go for surgery 2 days ago so that they could see if synthetic skin would work on him. They scraped the remains of the burnt skin of his right chest and it went okay. Today they tried the left side and his blood pressure didn't even drop. The doctors are very pleased. All glory to God!

Thank you once again for each one's prayer, please do continue to lift him up as the battle is not over yet - although we know the victory is God's and He is so faithful!

blessings to you,

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