Monday, March 7, 2011

healthy eating

my energy has been non-existent lately... you'd think that I would have tons more being I am exercising... not!! Today I tried Workout II of Jillians... and it kicked. my. butt.  It was hard!!  I really wanted to make a healthy supper so I made : chicken vegetable stir fry and then also made low-fat eggless banana oatmeal muffins.  It's about 140 a muffin, which is perfect. Pictures tomorrow... really no time to upload it seems. I got one project off my list today and tomorrow I plan to go to GF with the kids.. I really need to get out (and need tons of supplies and groceries)  so I am hoping/praying it goes well.  I haven't gone anywhere for at least 2 weeks... so we need this. I have about 2-3 weeks (here and there) of my meals filled out and hoping that I can do well at meal planning.

Wednesday I am having a body wrap done at my house-- (removes toxins out of my body) and I am hoping to lose a few inches. She's going to show me some stretches and yoga-type workouts so that I can work on my "troubled" areas.   Basically lots of random info but I promised myself I'd go to bed early so I'd have more energy. Working out is no fun when I feel like lying on the couch.. it was funny because today I went upstairs twice during nap-time to work out, and walked back down because it was either too cold, or I told myself I could take a day off.   I was productive though... I found some cute ideas for kate's ice cream party social theme for her FOURTH birthday (she's getting so old!) and ordered an Easter/birthday dress for her, also got some invitation ideas for Maddy... hers is coming up quick too... til tomorrow, or the next day

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