Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lots of things to figure out

I have been really trying hard to figure out camera settings and also my photoshop that I recently got. (Thank you mom, dad, and kelsey) Photoshop seemed dissapointing at first, but I believe I need to figure out how to use it before I comment on it. So far, it is editing how I wanted it to. This week I have learned how to make a photo collage. However, I think the size is a bit big... and i dont know how to change it :( I've set my camera settings to but the size still seems too big. I made a photo collage especially for this blog, but it seems to be taking forever and a day to post, and it still hasnt. It just keeps saying it's uploading. So once i figure that out, it will be fun to play around with. I have also been having some problems with focussing my camera. I think a large part is that my girls never sit still. I say, "kate... smile!" and she runs away and covers her face. I am chasing her and taking pictures at the same time. So i joined a group on facebook and will see if anyone can help me there. I think if there are ever any photography classes available, kay ellerbush and I agreed we'd go (depending on how much it is) - because i have a feeling i will be mostly self-taught. Which is just takes longer ;) here are some pictures i've recently taken. It takes forever to upload so i might only post two or three

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