Thursday, October 25, 2012

weekend in minneapolis

This weekend we went to Minneapolis and had lots of fun.  But we are all so. very. tired. still!!  The kids have been sleeping in; I would love to sleep in. I wonder how long we would all sleep in if there were no interruptions?  It has still been a busy week. Tuesday I was supposed to have Ella's 6 month appointment but I got to reschedule for next Tuesday. We had dance class that night and luckily it rained so that Ella could stay with Peter.  :)   I know, most farmers are complaining about the rain but I don't mind it. I trust God completely and if we need rain, He will give it to us.

I have been trying like crazy to catch up on homeschooling. It is always fun to go on trips but hard to come back to loads of laundry and trying to pick up after all the things from the car get brought in and shuffled through the house.  Luckily before we left I really had done a good job cleaning the house and doing laundry. I still did about 4-5 loads though when I got home. How is that possible from a 4 day trip?!   Peter asked me what I was thankful for yesterday as we were about to fall asleep.  I told him I was thankful for mine and Kate's leaf craft we did because it was fun and also for doing our reading lesson. It has been fun to watch her "get it" when it comes to reading.  Yesterday she read about 5 or 6 words on her own! We are truly learning things like days of the week and all but three months of the twelve.  Even maddy knows most of them.  This is great!

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