Friday, November 19, 2010

feels like a saturday

it feels like a saturday today, except peter has been gone all day. Today has been a pretty good day!  The girls have been fighting and hitting eachother a lot more than usual. It is hard not to yell at them... they are starting to really hit hard, push, and tackle. They used to do this a lot before but now it seems just so aggressive and more frequent.

Tonight is date night!  We are watching Faith Like Potatoes. I've heard it was a good movie.  Lately I have been having fun coming up with things I can pack my box for the Joy Swap I am participating in. My partner lives in NC,.  I have been thinking about ideas and my first order came in the mail today. I am so excited! I know i will buy probably a lot from the Warren Pharmacy, they have such cute christmas decorating items!

I have been wrapping a few gifts, and have some in my Que online, ready to be ordered when I get a few more ideas for the girls for christmas.  I've only gotten about 4 fully done, but the others won't take long once i can get to GF by MYSELF!!  I could get so much done, i bet. Anyway, i better go, more later!

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