Saturday, November 13, 2010

catching up

Kate has sure been in the kitchen far more than I ever got to growing up in my own home.  That is good, though. I am happy to give her that experience! Last weekend, before deer hunting, we roasted a pumpkin, made the pumpkin seeds, and then made a home-made cheesecake. It really was good.  Today, I am needing to make another cheesecake for my friends bridal shower tomorrow, and then plan to visit my sister who recently had some work done to her jaw. (Because of braces)  Yesterday we went to Grand Forks for groceries, and the kids did not get naps. Usually that is fine.... but yesterday they were soo cranky!  So we put them to bed right at 8, and as I type this, it's 8:44 a.m., and kate just got up. Boy, did she need her rest.  Maddy did wake up at 6:45 but I scooped her up to sleep with me, and she's still in my bed.    PTL!  I got to sleep in til 8:15, so even I got to enjoy some me time before the kids got up, which is so so nice.  I am looking to redo or, redecorate the upstairs guest bedroom.  I am trying to find some different bedding, and then curtains, and then wall color.  I can't do much about the carpet or the slanted ceilings, but I do want to improve. If you have any good sites on shabby chic, or french country, that is the look I am going for. 

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