Monday, October 20, 2014

Homeschool Week 9

Ok, so I am not exactly posting weekly, but hey, this is better than last year. When I get a spare moment and make time for a blog post, I do. And so I am.

In my life this week…

So, this week isn't too full. I felt like last week was a very busy week with potentially something going on every day if I let it. I tried to chose activities wisely, and I never really ended up too tired. I happened to have done a lot of dishes.  This week I'm trying to wash sheets, tackle summer clothes, put away old coats and sandals/shoes, vacuum, try to find where on earth I put our winter hats..... no luck yet!  Peter and I started a marriage bible study on our own.. we opted to not participate in our own bible studies, but focus on our marriage and our family. The kids are so little. We want to make our Yes's the best possible.  WE ARE DONE WITH BEETS.

In our homeschool this week…

We are learning about bones, joints, and ligaments. I hope to do at least one craft related to that! (Lord help  me find the time!) I have a home school meeting tonight which I am really excited about, and gymnastics.  Maddy  has been doing EXCELLENT with her reading!! It's going so fast now... she's really getting it, and I am THRILLED!  We are also doing a lot of memory work, and I am so encouraged today to have read psalm 150 (the girls already know some of it!) and Romans 6:23, which they also know.  We don't even have to memorize it -- because we already know it! I am just so thankful. 

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

Gymnastics of course. It's finally the last one. Don't get me wrong, I am super glad they have been able to go, it's just expensive and a weekly trip to GF is getting expensive! Now that i've gotten used to it, though, it will be hard to not go to get our weekly salad and strawberries. And eggs. And avocados. Those are my staple foods. Seriously.  If i'm out, i'm really sad!  We're going to try to help out some friends from another church this week by making some meals, so that might be in our future too. We also hope to spend the weekend together as a family, just have some good old fun!


My favorite thing this week was...

We happened to go out into the woods with the girls. I normally don't enjoy walking in the woods, mostly because whenever we do, it's cold. But this time it was nice, and it was good for me to get some fresh air. I feel like since I've been homeschooling, I really haven't been able to get outside much. Between trying to catch up with chores and meals, I'm pretty lucky to have gone outside. Plus, I'm allergic to cold. 

I also really enjoyed having a date with Peter. We just went out to lunch and talked. Our relationship has been growing the last couple of weeks, and it is a nice change. We are making it a priority, spending time together, going on dates, making plans for trips... and just spending time together reflecting our duties as christians. 

Things I'm working on...

I'm working on ways I can show the girls how to serve, memorizing scripture, reading more books, and trying to be a better encourager in my marriage. Well, in general. I'm sending more notes, more texts, more verbal encouragements. If the thought comes to my mind, I do it. I try not to wait... or else I write it down so that I am accountable to it. I'm also working on pride. I realized I have an issue with it. And lots of times honestly I feel like it's not even me that thinks of it. The thought just pops in my head, and I quickly to try get it out. Obviously Satan knows this is something I am working on. I want a good balance of confidence, yet not too much;  I don't want to have a low, depressing self esteem either, so I am working on a balance. It's amazing what a humble attitude can do.  Your heart isn't so hard to apologize when due, and you make time to serve others than yourself. 

Shopping date with peter


Things I'm cooking...

Baking a lot, as usual. Scones, bars, cookies, -- trying to stay healthy though! 


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still working out!




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