Thursday, September 20, 2012


We have been finding good use of the library.  I am sad that our town really doesn't have any resources for really anything..... there's hardly any stay at home moms, zero bible studies, no library,  etc.  It would be nice to live in a community that has a lot to offer.  At least our town has a pool!

My goal is to go to the library once a week. I am hoping that will be easy since we will be in Warren on Tuesdays anyway for bible study in the morning, and then dance in the afternoon. I am going to keep requesting books anyway so even if we don't have time to spend at the library, I can always drop off and get new books.  It has been a wonderful thing for us as we start our homeschooling experience. I am set to receive my curriculum  tomorrow, which I feel really really good about.  It is so fun to know how God has orchestrated every detail, down to what books will be best for Kate. I was a little panicky at first when I realized what we chose might be the wrong stuff for her age level, but I've also heard it's very advanced, so by adding all of the kindergarten level books to her curriculum, it will be just fine.  Plus I was reminded that it is probably what God had intended for her learning style. Plus, now i can use it next year for Maddy and just add some preschool things for her.

This morning I silently thanked God as I went to get Ella out of her crib. It was 7:15 and I was so tired from having a cold and being so busy that I slept in this morning. The kids are wiped out, too. I brought Ella into our bed and fed her her bottle. I had a headache pretty much all night so i put the heating pad on my pillow and that helped it feel better. After she finished, she had her fingers in her mouth, smiling and cooing, and held onto my heart necklace and she snuggled close to me. She was so content, and I just cherished every minute of it. Another reason why we homeschool. More, special time with our kids. Yesterday as we all sat on the couch...we learned about animals and what they use their tales for;  that God provided those hungry with manna from heaven; new words from our literature, what's living and not living, and most of all, the joy of our family.

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