Thursday, July 19, 2012


I realized that I had blogged a whole bunch about the kitchen, and then when it finally got finished, I never updated! I told a couple people I would send pictures of the cabinets we chose, and instead of uploading to facebook, I decided just to put them on my rarely updated blog.   Ok... here goes.

 detachable faucet:  this faucet is awesome. I only have to clean once instead of a separate sprayer.  It's nice because I can have a strong stream, a shower faucet type spray, a medium spray.
deep granite sink with a side for rinsing, which helps so that we put our dishes away right away!! We chose this because often with our old kitchen, we'd hand wash a lot of dishes, but then would leave them in the sink to "dry" instead of dry them ourselves. Now we are forced to!

I loved our old pot rock. Or, at least I loved not having to store them in a cabinet! Peter actually found this one at Lowes. It has a light built right into it so it's storage plus function!

The "island" is our baking center.  It's not done yet though, because we need a power strip along the sides.
Sugars and breakfast fixings.
This was supposed to be just for cookbooks, but I decided to easily store my recipe box along with my mixers for easy access.
Leather::: easy to clean!
love this too! We store all of our cookie sheets, cutting boards, and etc up here. Soooo handy.
pull out cereal cabinet
Half pantry-- all pull out because of how deep it is, and we purposely made it as deep as our fridge. We store all our pastas on the top (labeled, too) and cans, and snacks as well.
Colanders and pot covers
Bench storage for kid things-- coloring books, playdough, and then we decided to put the unused cookbooks to the right.

Our knives are under our utensils so that the kids don't grab for the knives! plus, i hated having them on the wood block.

Pull outs for all of our ziplock baggies and chips and bread on the bottom.

Open storage was supposed to be for plates and etc, but ended up decorational. I dont have a ton of white dishes yet so we'll collect over the years to strictly white.  Below is a sign painted just for me!

 kids can set their own table!
 trestle table for bench seating. also has a built in leaf and extends even more. We can fit 10 people around here! (most are kids)

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