Thursday, June 28, 2012

go BIG or go home

Today is the start of some changes.
  1.  I am starting a new herbal supplement called MothersLove. It's supposed to yield more milk, so here's to hoping for another half oz to an ounce. That would be sweet. 
  2. I am also writing as I pump from my newly rented hospital grade pump. We forked over $70 for this thing in hopes of an increase to my supply. Per month.
  3. I just made some lactation cookies. The reviews said it really works, so hopefully I don't just end up getting fat. I did cut out half of the sugar and added some barley, too. 
  4. Still drinking my 3 cups a day of "Mothers Milk" tea. Though for a refreshing twist, I've added some peppermint leaves. Yum. Oh, and of course the french vanilla coconut creamer. 
I am hoping that some day I can switch to pumping every 3 hours. It sure is nice to nurse Ella, but if she isn't efficient and I don't have all the time in the world to nurse, pump, and bottle feed, I might have to drop it.  I will definitely try to do it 2-3 times a day, but not as many as I'm doing now. Sometimes it's just not possible. It is nice, though. It definitely satisfies "my" needs as a nursing mother.  Every two hours is really hard, and it will get even harder once Peter is busy in the field! I feel like also once Ella gets past this fussy stage, it will also become LOADS easier. She is also, still in our room! I wish she could switch to her crib but because she spits up so much, I am afraid we wouldn't hear her choking (because she does sometimes!) and then I am not sure i would sleep any better than I am now.  We started wrapping her back up in blankets now so that she will sleep better. So far the last 3 nights it's worked, but I want to get her used to sleeping alone, too. For naps, it's almost impossible. I feel like a new mom! This is a totally different experience for me!

Well, I think that is all for now. I feel like all I ever talk about to any and everyone is my pumping experience. Well, that is a huge focus for me right now and basically takes the front seat - Ella does. I have also honestly surrendered my guilt of not being able to do everything on my wish list each day. If we don't eat breakfast til after 9 am, that's OKAY. (I've found that a lot of moms do that, and they don't even have to do nurse and pump and etc like me!)  It's also okay if they watch t.v. a little more than I'm used to. It's just a season.  I think though, once Kate goes to kindergarten I am going to be a mess. I'm praying that I can really enjoy{them} in a new perspective each day. God's perspective.


  1. Good luck Kristen, sounds like you have a plan! I have heard though, that peppermint leaves and oil can decrease your milk supply--you might want to check on that. Thinking about you, hoping you see some changes soon!

  2. Hey, I actually just read that too, just yesterday. So, i'm not going to be putting that in there anymore, though it makes it taste better! Hoping all this will work too.... I think it would boost my confidence. I'm definitely a lot happier when I make more.