Thursday, September 22, 2011

so close

well, it's THURSDAY! which means tomorrow we leave for Fargo, ND to celebrate the upcoming marriage of my sister in law, Chelsie.  I still remember getting the call from her to tell us of the engagement. Now, it's already here. A lot has gone into this wedding, too... so it's sort of bittersweet. We're hoping to leave fairly early tomorrow to make it in time for the Bridesmaid luncheon, and then later that day, the rehearsal. I think,really, the whole two days will be a blur. I'm sure it will go by so fast with so many things to do. I'm looking forward to it, though, and hoping everyone sleeps well. Today will be a hugely busy day for me as I rush to finish everything on my list. Packing will take up most of the day and I am just in NEED to pack most things into the car TONIGHT! So many times we've failed in leaving on time because there was too much time wasted putting things into the car that could have been done the night before. So that is my plea to peter. I can say this now, of course, but I am really hoping dishes and things could be cleaned up before we go. Knowing me, I will lose hope and give up and not care before we leave, but i'm telling you now, that's the goal ! :)

It was so nice for Peter to come home at 3pm yesterday. I feel like I haven't seen him much. He worked til 9pm Monday night before the rain to get as much done as possible. We have a feeling this is going to be a long fall. With temperatures just gone whacky, and rain here and there, i just don't know how much of harvest I can bear. It's funny, when we're just about to start planting, I always flash forward to beets. "I wonder how i'll feel this year with beets". :)  Anyway, i better get busy...lots and lots to do.

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