Thursday, September 22, 2011

just enough.

today i had lists of things to do.  my own agenda of what needed to be done.  

During my quiet time today I asked God to open my eyes. You see, when life gets 'busy', sometimes we are disconnected from the actual world even though it really feels like we are wordly. I hope that makes sense. Today I prayed for a little boy at the rescue center who has been doing well for most of the time until this last week. I guess I just can't handle seeing little kids suffer. I still remember how one of the workers/volunteers there explained how this little girl would whimper in pain. begging for water even though she could not hold it down.  ok, god, you sure opened up my eyes.  as I prayed in tears tonight while Peter held my hand, was that God really would open up our eyes, even if it meant pain. It is not fun to see people suffer, and I pray every day that it is not my own family who suffers. But I hope that I never become accustomed to every day living on earth, where I just do what I do because that's how it's supposed to be. I want to have purpose. I want to be helpful, and not just needy. I want to serve, and not just be served. I just want to be generous! I want to pray ALL. THE. TIME.   We just all need an awakening. Sometimes we just need to boldly ask God to open our eyes!  and He really will.

Song on my heart today:

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